Workplace Literacies Assessment

Workplace Literacies Paper: Working Rubric


Larger Structure

–          Clear introduction, conclusion and body paragraphs

  • An effective introduction, but a bit vague, could use more personal introduction to workplace

–          Organized well overall and includes transitional sentences/statements

  • Strong organization, flow, and transitions, need to introduce quotes better

–          Thesis statement – has a clear main point

  • Clear about industry, but needs more specific workplace details

–          Clearly spell out what role literacy plays on how the workplace is run

  • Very strong focus on literacy in the workplace

–          Connect into what we’ve studied throughout the semester

  • Connects with learning styles and previous literacy narratives

–          Personal definition of literacy

  • Not specifically, but is understood throughout the paper

–          Personal voice the main voice, not dependent upon outside sources

  • Writing seems very detached, needs more personal voice and opinion

–          At least 2 outside sources

  • Yes

–          Sources should be properly introduced, particularly in relation to thesis

  • Sources need better introduction

–          At least 5-7 pages – but more specifically, enough research to back up your thesis

  • Sufficient length

–          Minimal errors in grammar and spelling

  • Minimal errors



–          Background of your workplace

  • Strong background and history

–          A really nice description (diagrams/pictures/graphs/thick description) to help the reader visualize the workplace setting

  • Needs more MVHfH workplace description rather than just the industry

–          Refer back to the company and how and why it relates to you (positioning)

  • Introduce co-op position

–          If there’s workplace lingo or jargon explain it so that readers can understand

  • Touches base with the idea of workplace jargon and abbreviations


Observation/Interview (Methods?)

–          Explains how information was collected

  • Can be elaborated in introduction of quotes, introduce interview and analysis

–          Must have info on observation – description of place, documents

  • Is evident, but not explained clearly

–          Background on individual(s) interviewed and how it applies

  • Introduce Dan and his BGSU/English background, strong connection

–          Direct quotes from individual you interviewed (questions and answers)

  • Needs more

–          Incorporates important aspects of research material – source material should be directly related to whatever the author is talking about, should support analysis and thesis

  • Strong connection to thesis and workplace analysis

–          Includes writer viewpoint on certain quotes so to synthesize ideas

  • Again, needs more personal writer viewpoint and specific workplace detail

–          Interview and observation should be the sole resource of the paper because it came directly from the source (the workplace and the interviewee). The secondary sources only provide support of whatever information was presented in the interview, observations etc.

  • Need to focus more on interview and observation/analysis in specific workplace


I would give myself a grade somewhere in a B- or C+ range due to strong history and analysis.  The paper is written very well in terms of organization, layout, and flow, but the paper is written in a narrative and distant tone.  It needs to be more personalized and incorporate more of my views and opinions about my specific workplace and analysis.




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One Response to Workplace Literacies Assessment

  1. kehauman says:

    Thank you for your honesty in this assessment, Kyle. I hope it was helpful for you to evaluate so you can see what to improve – but also to consider what you should leave alone as you revise because it’s already working well (as there definitely are many strengths already). I’m very much looking forward to your final draft!

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