Evaluating Digital Scholarship

After compiling a mental working list of successful digital portfolio criteria over the semester, I have stumbled across a few web references that contain criteria for successful digital and multimodal scholarship.  Some of the unanimously important factors when creating a digital portfolio include accessibility, navigation, layout, integration, aestheitcs, and design.

http://www.webreference.com/greatsite.html is a great resource that easily defines the outline and structure of a successful web portal with the use of multimodalitites.  It highlights the important aspects and then elaborates on each subject.

http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/ takes a bit of an opposite approach than the previously listed webreference.com.  This website cites specific examples of some of the worst websites over the past decade in order to show users what NOT to do and how web design can be detrimental to a portfolio project.

http://www.worldbestwebsites.com/criteria.htm explains a judging and scoring system when creating a new website.  I find this to be a helpful tool when creating our own online digital portfolios.  We can use some of this criteria to create a class or personal rubric to judge and score our own online digital portfolios.

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