Class/Self Assessment 2

In class so far I have done well to complete assignments on time and stay on top of blog posts.  I find the blog posts very helpful as a great aid of incorporating ideas learned in class into our own personal thoughts and views.  The blog posts and free writing assignments are also great segues and transitions between information presented in class.  This semester has definitely opened my eyes to the importance of literacy and how its surrounds us in everyday life in ways I never thought of before.  I could do more to incorporate these ideas into my other classes and learnings as they will be a helpful asset to other studies and projects.  I have already made many connections between this class and my Technologies in Society class and envision many opportunities in the future with architecture presentations.

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One Response to Class/Self Assessment 2

  1. kehauman says:

    Ok, so it’s seeming like I just keep commenting on the “connections” in your posts, Kyle, but I think they are very important. I’d really like to hear more about the connections you’re making to your other classes, particularly the Technologies in Society class – sounds fascinating!

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