Web Style Guide Chapters 4-6

Earlier in the semester I spoke of the interactive website modlife.com as a great modern example of an effective and successful website.  Upon reviewing the Web Style Guide and Modlife, I noticed that earlier in the semester I was praising modlife.com for it’s successful integration of multimodalities.  The Web Style guide speaks of important aspects to integrate into website design such as organization, consistency, and a sense of hierarchy.

A new website that I believe to be of substantial design is apple.com.  With Apple rising as one of today’s most noteworthy and recognized companies, their website has been professionally designed to incorporate ease in understanding of their innovative and technological ideas and advances.  The Web Style Guide explains that a website must effectively communicate the main idea and focus of a website in a language and literacy that is easily understood by everyone.  Upon visiting and exploring apple.com, one will notice a sense of design repetition and consistency that makes navigation simple.  Most of their ideas fit on one page and are not cluttered with advertisement, spam, and sporadic ideas.  Navigation steps are minimized and the who, what, when, and where of the company are clearly defined.  Apple works hard to design their products and ideas with the idea of consumer ease and effectiveness in mind, and this hard work is clearly shown in a simple, yet highly effective web site design.

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One Response to Web Style Guide Chapters 4-6

  1. kehauman says:

    Really excellent connections to the terms and ideas from the Web Style Guide. I suspect the authors of that style guide would agree with you about the effectiveness of Apple’s site.

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