Reaction to Web Style Guide Chapter 2-3

The online Web Style Guide is a very informative and resourceful guide for website design.  This will be a very helpful aid in the creation of our final literacies project.  In my minuscule background of website design, I related with a few aspects mentioned in the first part of chapter 2.  I was interested to find that some aspects of website architecture relate somewhat to building architecture.  I will remember this connection in the future when incorporating design techniques into building projects as well as web design projects.  There needs to be a focal point of the website, and alignment and aesthetics create an easier means of navigation and understanding.  Less clutter and more organization are also convenient and make the web experience much easier to understand.  The idea of “universal design” relates closely with the idea of “universal literacies”.  Whether in school, on the internet, or in the workplace, universal understanding of concepts provides for easy communication and a better understanding for beginning users.  The use of many multimodalities makes for a more interactive and pleasurable experience when exploring websites.

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One Response to Reaction to Web Style Guide Chapter 2-3

  1. kehauman says:

    I appreciate you noting connections between website architecture and building architecture here, Kyle. I’d love to hear more about that, too. Perhaps we can get all you architect folks to talk a bit about that with the rest of us as I’m sure there are fascinating connections to be articulated.

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