Reaction to Kress

Kress is a very intelligent writer and speaks of many truths about introducing new multimodalities.  I like to classify the term “multimodality” as a form of technology.  As with any new technology introduced to society, the technology must be adaptative and accepted in order to become successful and utilized.  Kress mentions that people generally seem to focus on one aspect of multimodalities and the others become somewhat peripheral or looked over.  As new technologies and multimodalitites are created, they must work with each other to create systems of technology and multimodality.  The term “multimodality” literally means two or more semiotic modes working together to present information to humans.

Kress also speaks of music as a type of multimodality.  Music is a very artistic form of auditory semiotics.  I believe, if produced correctly, music videos can be very powerful and vauable in the sense of multimodalities due to the combination of the auditory (music) and visual (video) senses working together to create one multimodality.

Here are a few examples of powerful and artistic music videos that I enjoy.

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One Response to Reaction to Kress

  1. kehauman says:

    A really thoughtful, smart response here, Kyle. And thanks for sharing the links to the videos. I completely agree that music videos are a powerful form of multimodality. I wonder if these videos or aspects of them will come into play in your digital portfolio (and by that I mean, might you take what you like about those videos and somehow incorporate it in your own design)?

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