Reaction to Brandt “Writing for a Living”

Though quite extensive, I find Brandt’s article about writing for a living quite useful and interesting.  She says, “Although knowledge and literacy are not synonymous, literacy is both a form of knowledge and a way of formalizing knowledge, a means and an end of production.”  I feel that this quote goes hand in hand with another quote in which Brandt says, “In the knowledge economy, wealth is created by generating and leveraging knowledge.”  By stating that literacy is one of the most important forms of knowledge, and stating that wealth and success are created by knowledge, one can interpret that in order to flourish and be successful, one must practice literacy and literary understanding as an important form of knowledge.  I believe this to be true within all companies and workplaces.

I found similarity in Brandt’s project in the instance that she tracked all forms of genres, audiences, processes, materials, voices, teachings vs. learnings, resources, and contacts in the workplace.  At this point in my project, it is very evident that proper literacy and communication are valuable skills to possess in the workplace.  Many people convey messages and meanings much more thoroughly and properly through the means of writing.   I believe it is much easier to express one’s self in writing, compared to verbally.  Writing things down properly gives people a chance to say what they want without facing verbal or face-to-face criticism.  Proper writing also enables the ability to physically and visually retrace thoughts and messages.

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One Response to Reaction to Brandt “Writing for a Living”

  1. kehauman says:

    Yes, Brand’ts work is definitely extensive 🙂 She’s actually published multiple books on the topic of literacy. You’ve pulled out some great quotes here. Are you thinking they make sense within the context of your workplace?

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