Reaction to Baron

Baron speaks of computers changing the way people and school children learn and utilize literacy.  I believe the computer and Internet have proven to be great resources towards the world of literacy, but with all technologies have their pros and cons.  Today’s society is so fast-paced that there is almost a completely different literacy for personal computer usage.  Some may argue that less people have the knowledge to write and communicate professionally due to social networking and texting.  Though this may be true to a certain extent, I believe society today is simply adapting to changes in technology.  In our society today, there is virtually no use for dictionaries, encyclopedias, and research literature.  The information conveyed in these mediums can be quickly and accurately found on the internet.  To relate this discussion to my Technologies in Society class again, last week my teacher stated, ” I don’t even know why libraries exist anymore.”  He spoke of a trip to the library where the thing he noticed most was the vast amount of people who used to library to rent DVD’s and for nothing else.

People must also remember that communication is a key to understanding and success.  There are many thoughts and ideas that are easier explained through a physical writing process rather than simply through speech.  As technologies continue to progress, it is important to understand what technological processes were created from and how to relate these technologies to literacy.  One quote I find very noteworthy from Baron’s article is, “In order to gain acceptance, a new literacy technology must also develop a means of authenticating itself.”  This is true of all technologies, if society does not accept a new technology it stands no chance of survival or success.

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