Reaction to Lindquist and Seitz 2

Once again I find it interesting that this article relates closely to topics discussed in my “Technologies in Society” class.  In fact, just today our instructor stated that, for example, there are going to be 100 people applying for 10 jobs, and every single one of those candidates are going to appear the same.  In order to get a job one must stand out to an employer, and one main trait that gets the attention of employers in the ability to communicate effectively through writing.  Lindquist and Seitz state that in order to balance a corporate oral culture, there is a need for written communications.  Fine tuned grammar, an intelligent vocabulary, and correct sentence structure help to convey messages and direct proper communication in the workplace.

Another strong point that Lindquist and Sietz mention, is the process of choosing between a consensus vs hierarchical model of collaboration.  They proved that a model of collaboration and consensus is a difficult approach especially within a larger company.  I believe this to be true because a large group of people will have many different opinions, beliefs, and experiences.  There is a reason that higher paid executives are hired, in order to direct and control decisions and problems within a company.  The authors still stress the importance of communication between different levels and departments within a company.

After my observation and analysis, this is one main area of concern that I have begin to pay attention to and will always stress.  the idea of organization and efficient communication is key to a company’s success.  new technologies and ideas are created everyday, and if everyone is not understanding at the same rate or on the same page, struggle is imminent.  Effective communication and organization goes hand in hand with workplace literacy, and this is one main point I intend to stress in my workplace literacies project.

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