Brandt Reaction

Within the first few paragraphs and pages Brandt begins to explain the idea of the Industrial Revolution and the need for deeper understanding of certain skills as technology rapidly changes.  Systems of technology are constantly changing and requiring people and workers to adapt to change or they will struggle and get left behind.  In order to adapt to new concepts and technologies, workers need to learn new workplace literacies and methods.  This reiterates the idea of literacy as an ever-changing and constant learning process.  I can definitely see this as a bridge to our workplace literacies project, especially as we progress through school and work towards our future goals and careers.  As Brandt speaks of literary sponsors, I compare this to the idea of literary influences that we have expressed such as parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, schools, churches, etc.  Although the article seemed long and dry, after a full read and skimming over main ideas, it all seems to make sense and pertain closely to what we have been working with and what we are working towards this semester.

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