At the beginning of the semester I thought ENG 2070 was going to be a very broad and dry class, and wondered why it was required in my curriculum.  After completing Unit 1 I could not help but think any more oppositely.  The idea of taking small steps toward a final interactive literacy narrative portfolio interests me and makes each assignment relevant and meaningful.  I feel I have done a good job of expressing my views, beliefs, opinions, and interests through my writings and posts.  I have learned a lot about myself and my literacy, and enjoy connecting with my past to see how it relates to my life today.  I feel that I could put forth a little more effort to explore the works of my classmates and communicate more with them because there is definitely a lot to learn from others.  I look forward to the rest of the semester and the final portfolio project.

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One Response to Reflection/Assessment

  1. kehauman says:

    This comment warms my heart, Kyle 🙂 I certainly empathize with questions about why certain classes are required, but I’m so happy to hear that this one is starting to seem meaningful to you. I look forward to your increased communication with classmates, and to continuing to learn from your work just as you learn from your classmates and from me.

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