Talking Back & Talking For

Talking back:  My sophomore year of high school I was enrolled in junior English class.  This was an intimidating experience because the teacher was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, most of the students were older than me, and I had few friends in the class.  We were assigned by the board of education to write a speech for the entire junior class and I was terrified.  I skipped the last day of school before Thanksgiving break and put off reciting the speech until after the long weekend causing mental anguish and constant worrying.  This was a great obstacle in my literary past that taught me not to be afraid of other people judging your writings and to have pride in your work.

Talking for:  This story was intended to be read by my peers and high school students struggling with writing assignments.  Some instructors may also benefit from this story.  Teachers can learn to provide non-intimidating atmospheres in their classrooms and encourage students to be proud of their writing.  I’m sure there are many students who have felt the same at least once in their life, and we all need to realize that we all go through the same lesson-learning endeavors throughout our literary and educational adventures.

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One Response to Talking Back & Talking For

  1. kehauman says:

    Oh, this is great, Kyle. Is this a story/experience you’re considering focusing on in your VoiceThread or final literacy narrative? It hasn’t seemed like your focus in the past drafts, which is ok – this didn’t necessarily have to be about what you’ve focused on so far. I hope it has helped you think about how you might incorporate both talking back and talking for as you complete your VoiceThread and the final project.

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