Successful VoiceThread elements

After reviewing the VoiceThread demo, I believe this is a very successful tool that can be used to create all or part of a literacy narrative.  VoiceThread gives an author the ability to convey many views of many pieces of media in many unique ways.  A lot of visual effects can be used to help the author create a more vivid image of their concept.  Authors can also add interviews and personal statements and reactions from others to support their ideas and add other points of view on certain subjects.  This is a great tool that I can use to connect with my literary influences without meeting with them face to face.  They will also have the ability to draw off of what I have created and share their memories of my literary history.

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One Response to Successful VoiceThread elements

  1. kehauman says:

    The idea of connecting with your literacy influences sounds great, Kyle. Are you thinking here of perhaps having your family members set up VoiceThread accounts and interact with your VoiceThread project?

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