What is multimodality?

Multimodality is the practice of writing and composing using images, animations, videos, colors, words, music and sound.  Being an architecture major, our program stresses the idea of design representation and conveying a message using creative and unique styles and mediums.  Multimodality is a process where creativity develops and flourishes.  I believe that multimodality should be created and explored, but not enforced.  When enforced, people concentrate more on the act of including multimodalities instead of the creative concept they are attempting to convey.  When this happens, presentations may become distracting and lose focus on the topic at hand.  Using multimodal technologies is a great way to learn from others because each person uses different forms of presentation and has different understandings of certain messages.

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One Response to What is multimodality?

  1. kehauman says:

    I like the connection to architecture here. I’m curious about your thoughts of multimodality being enforced. Has this happened, or do you have a particular experience/situation in mind? I’d encourage you to think about how the creativity you see multimodality fostering might be best exploited in your Final project.

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