Reaction to Austen’s “Writing Spaces: Performances of the Word”

After reading and watching Veronica Austen’s “Writing Spaces: Performances of the Word”, I see that people see and convey literacy in many unique styles and through many unique mediums.  Although this specific piece of literacy was a bit difficult to understand due to the rapid changing of phrases and medium, it was very artistic and an original approach to conveying one’s personal views on literacy and language.  Austen understands language through the use of computers and being able to see and type words physically, which makes me believe her to be a visual learner.  There were no sounds or audio which places more emphasis on the visual learning preference.  I normally think of text as writing, whether it be on a computer or on paper, but writing can be displayed in many unique styles of graphic representation.  This is something to think about when writing my final literary narrative.  I am interested in exploring writing as more of a graphic representation of thoughts and ideas rather than simple typing or writing.  This graphic style easily portrays pictures of author’s ideas in the reader’s head.

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