What is literacy?

Literacy is more than just the ability to read and write.  That being said, there can be two completely different sides to the word ‘literacy’, one being the reader, and the other the writer.  Both sides must be able to teach and learn simultaneously when practicing reading and writing.  Literacy is the understanding of personal messages that writer’s are attempting to convey.  Sometimes the concept and message of a piece of writing is literal and easy to reflect upon, which may be the writer’s intent, but other times pieces of writing can be very artistic and leave the deeper meaning up to the reader to further investigate and interpret through their own values and beliefs.  A writer should attempt to portray a mental picture or scenario that the reader can connect to through the sharing of like experiences.  Both a reader and writer should be able to re-read over their own or someone else’s work and learn or suggest something new after each reading.

Acquisition vs. Learning

Experience – Narrative – Meaning

Write – Review – Reflect

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One Response to What is literacy?

  1. kehauman says:

    I’m intrigued by the lists of words at the bottom of your post, Kyle. It seems like you’re already making connections between definitions of literacy and the act of writing a literacy narrative, which is neat. I also see a lot of terms and phrases we used to talk about “good” writing coming up in your discussion of literacy, which is interesting. I look forward to exploring these connections – and perhaps discovering disconnections – with you this semester.

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